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UMAnime is the premier Anime Club in Manitoba!
Our goal is to create an active and welcoming and inclusive community for those that enjoy anime!

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About Our Club

UMAnime exists as a social platform to bring together people who have any level of interest in anime and other connected aspects of similar culture! Our student-run club is a welcoming place for all and we strive to provide a service that enhances our members’ lives through running multiple initiatives.
These initiatives stem from hosting social gatherings, screening events, and providing our members a socialization space.


We are a club that has been around since 1997 with memberships that costs $15.
If you would like to attend a screening or join our Discord server, no membership is required.
These memberships are valid until June 30th of the following school year.
To sign up for a membership, click on become a member down below and get your membership card at any of our upcoming event N.B. signups are handled externally and you need to speak to a staff after signup,
or you may sign up at any of our in-person events.
Hope to see you soon!

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